since 1965

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We have been rebuilding pianos since 1965. Please excuse the brevity of this site, it is still under construction.

We sell parts and supplies for player pianos,pump organs, and regular pianos.
Custom fabrication of components is also available

The pictures on the home page are examples of some of our work. The top picture is a nickelodeon we built from a player piano. It's over 6' tall. The other nickelodeon is one we built too.
The other pictures are 2 of the pump organs we have rebuilt. The one on the left is designed to go in a church. Note the handle coming out of the side. If the organist got tired of pumping with her feet, a choir boy could be called on to work the handle to provide suction for the reeds.


We have a 1926 Haines Bros. Ampico upright reproducing player piano with a PERFECT, SNOW WHITE IVORY KEYBOARD that we will restore for the decerning enthusist.